Freelance Web Designer & Developer.
Deeply experienced in Designing & Developing custom Wordpress websites.
Beautiful Responsive Websites Built on Wordpress

Building Your Dream Website

All websites start with an idea, my passion is to bring your idea to life no matter how long it takes. I won’t stop designing until you are ecstatic with the look and feel of your website.

- Design Consultation: We figure out what you want out of your website and create user stories.

- Early stage development: I create a detailed design on a mock website that we can easily markup and improve.

- Production: Once we have a design that you love I will set your WordPress site in motion. I will implement the new custom theme and install any needed plugins or additions at your request.

- Training: Once the website is live I will provide training on the WordPress CMS and all plugins associated with using your site. This training can range from just checking traffic on a blog to how to execute an email marketing campaign for your E-commerce store.

Optimizing for Speed

Nobody enjoys waiting for a webpage to load. I build light flexible websites leveraging modern techniques like lazy loading, cache delivery, minified code, and in-line styles.

- Focus from the Start: Lowering page load time is always a focus from day one of design. I will leverage fast loading libraries and format images effectively.

- Above the Fold: Every website I design I ensure that the first visible portion of the site conveys the message of that page. This ensures that the end user receives the most accurate representation in the fastest way possible.

- Lazy Loading: Images are the heaviest resource on most web pages, I use lazy loading on all images below the fold to guarantee the fastest possible load times.

- Effective Cache: Once the website is fully developed I will implement site wide caching which will deliver all code in a minified format.

Formatted for SEO

Google executes 3.5 billion searches a day. I will ensure your SEO structure is scalable, dependable, and agile enough to keep you ahead of modern innovations pushing for more organic content.

- WordPress: As a management system WP is setup to be search engine and user friendly

- Google Search Console: Your site will be linked to GSC, I will also train you on how to read the data and check on the traffic to your site from specific search terms.

- Structure: I will submit your sitemaps to Google and each page will have an effective SEO structure utilizing header tags and alt image descriptions.

- Yoast Installed: The most used SEO plugin in the world. I will perform the initial setup and train you on how to make effective SEO friendly blog posts and web pages using the Yoast plugin
Kristi's in the Burg
Portfolio Curtis Campbell Kristis in the Burg
Fresh Website from scatch for a Bakery. Wanted a fun theme that allowed for a simple shopping experience for online and in-store items.
Portfolio Curtis Campbell Picture Perfect Lawn
A live website that was previously configured with an outdated theme and was not mobile responsive. A current work in progress.
Your New Resume
Portfolio Curtis Campbell Your New Resume
Digital marketplace for customers to purchase professional materials. Customized theme and plugins. All graphics and logo done by me.
Camping with Campbells
Portfolio Curtis Campbell Camping with Campbells
Our personal travel blog for friends and family. Fully adapted Wordpress theme and an ongoing passion project for me.
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